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St Etienne

Christmas 2023 - Coloured Vinyl Bundle

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Christmas 2023 - Coloured Vinyl Bundle

Our coloured vinyl bundle includes one 10” copy of ‘Music For Hermione’ plus a 12” copy of ‘Built On Sand’ with an overall £1 saving for buying two items together.

Due to the rising prices of the raw materials and the limited print runs on our fan club releases we’re apologise for prices going up this year. We’ve pressed these at our favourite European manufacturer and sure you’ll be pleased with the quality.

• Both records come shrink wrapped with download cards inside.
• ‘Built On Sand’ is one of just 750 copies pressed on white vinyl with red splatter effect
• ‘Music For Hermione’ is one of just 650 copies pressed on red vinyl
• Pre orders ship from the 1st December and should arrive globally in time for Christmas
• Each order comes with a Christmas card signed personally signed by Bob, Pete and Sarah

Note: those ordering several items in one order will receive one card only. Those wanting more than one signed card should order items separately and will need to pay extra shipping for each order placed.

Saint Etienne
'Built On Sand - Rarities: 1994-1999'

Side One
The Clothes Show
Suburban Autumn Lieutenant
Jaydip Pharmacy
Tomorrow Never Dies
Nazi Jaloux
Keep Nothing

Side Two
Blofeld Buildings
Are We Gonna Be Alright
Andrew McCarthy
We're In The City
The Clothes Show (sad refrain)

Foreign Office FO022

Music For Hermione

Side One
1. Facets Of My Life

Side Two
2. Did She Fall Or Was She Pushed

Foreign Office FO023